We will be open November 22nd
                         for the 2019 Christmas season!

The Old Country Store

The Old Country Store
The store is located within the lights and is impossible to miss.  Most of our lights are visible from around the huge store parking lot.  It is handicap accessible and handicap parking is located in front of the store.  Santa is located in an adjacent building accessible from the front of the store.

The store was built in 1994.  It's original purpose was for Mr. Johnson to meet a few of the visitors and maybe sell a few drinks.  Only after it was built was it decided to sell candy out of.  After only one night the small store had sold completely out of candy.  Years later and after numerous renovations and additions the store has become the largest candy store in the area although only open two months out of the year.

The store is open each Christmas season with the same operating hours as the Christmas lights.  We carry over 300 varieties of candy, preserves, drinks, hot apple cider, old fashioned signs, and lots more. 

Besides the candy, our drinks are one of our more popular items.  We carry all of the old fashion favorites, including: Sun Drop, Cheer Wine, Nehi (grape, orange, and peach), old fashioned ginger ale, and everyone's favorite "little Cokes."

Radio Flyer
The Old Country Store is proud to be an official Radio Flyer dealer.  We keep a variety of wagons, bicycles, trikes, and scooters in stock.  These are the same made in America wagons that have been sold for almost 100 years.