We will be open November 22nd
                         for the 2019 Christmas season!


The Train
For all ages!

All though all of our lights are visible from the road we operate 3 trains through 10 acres of our displays.  The trains feature windows on 3 sides to help keep you warm on those cold nights.  The train, although out of a child's dreams, is for riders of all ages, from 0 to 105 years old.  Our entire fleet was  replaced in 2007 and now features lower cars with wider doors to help better accommodate our senior citizens

Train Tickets......$3.00 per person (adult or child)

How It Got Started
Founder and owner, Mr. Roy Johnson, has always had a fascination with trains.  In 1999 he finally decided to buy one of his own.  The first train ride was a short loop that took riders on a 2 minute ride.  As Christmas got closer the line got longer.  By the next year he had added an addition vehicle to pull riders, a fire truck.  The fire truck was just as popular as the train so by the next year there was a massive loop constructed to carry riders throughout the millions of lights.  Now, over 10 years later, there are 4 trains and 6 loops on over 10 acres of lights.  Although all of our trains have been replaced since then, we still continue to have one of them to be pulled by a fire truck.  We are proud that our train ride has become such a big part of thousands of family's Christmas traditions, just as it is a part of ours.